Cruise crew member shares the ‘worst behaviour’

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Cruise ship crew work really hard to make sure passengers have a relaxing holiday. Unfortunately, not all the guests are appreciative of their efforts.

‘Robonlocation’, a former cruise worker, said: “As a former crew member, I’ve seen a lot. I actually wish I’d kept a journal, because I could have written a book.

“I will say the overall worst behaviour always seemed to happen when the ship was diverted for a medical emergency.

“I completely understand the issues created, such as missing flights, getting home late, impact on pet sitters, going to work etc.

“It’s a big headache. But the behaviour I saw from people completely unable to be compassionate was astounding.

“I saw yelling, complete fits and even had something thrown at me, a lowly shore excursion staff member who obviously didn’t make the decision.”

If there’s a medical emergency, the ship may have to change its route to reach port more quickly.

This could impact other passengers’ schedules but there’s nothing the crew can do about that.

Although cruise ships will always have medical staff onboard, they don’t have a lot of equipment and won’t be able to handle every issue.

The crew member added: “I also remember a medical emergency that happened right on the gangway.

“It meant no one could leave the ship for a brief period, until they set up a second ramp.

“Our tours departed late, but the Captain delayed our departure that evening, so everyone could have their full tour without missing out.

“But one woman was still very upset and being quite unreasonable. I’m normally quite professional but this was the one time I almost lost it on a guest. I turned and walked away to regain my composure.”

Although it might be frustrating to miss out on an excursion, medical emergencies will always need to come first.

It’s important to remember that the crew are doing their best under difficult circumstances and to show understanding.

However, the crew member added: “Fortunately, my experience with guests was nearly always positive.

“I have a lot of great memories of interactions with people. As is the case with customer service, there are always a few bad experiences, but for the most part, people are great!”

A guest replied: “This makes me happy. My wife and I always try our best to have a good relationship with the staff because we once worked in customer service so we know how it can be.

“We’ve had issues on the ship (just basic wrong room key or luggage late, etc.) and have always been gracious about it which in turn always got us something extra from the customer service desk. It pays to be nice!

“Also – why ruin your own vacation by always remembering how much you complained during it? Some people I just don’t understand.”

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