Cruise guest claims mega ships are just ‘floating hotels’

Cruise ships come in all shapes and sizes and some of the world’s largest ships are longer than skyscrapers.

However, a cruise guest has said they wouldn’t necessarily recommend a bigger ship to new cruisers.

A Reddit user said they had recently holidayed on the “biggest ship they’ve ever sailed on” and were left a little underwhelmed by the experience.

They said: “There’s less places to be. There are shockingly few places to get a drink onboard.

“It dawned on me that ‘big’ ships sometimes are only that because they have extra decks that are just staterooms.”

While cruise guests might imagine that the biggest ships have more facilities, this isn’t necessarily the case.

Another user ‘Chs135’ said: “I feel the same way. The bigger ships feel more like floating hotels and there’s not as many windows to the outside in public spaces. I like the traditional vibe of older ships.”

New ships may be bigger but sometimes this is because they’re able to carry more guests and not because there are more restaurants or bars.

Another user ‘3664shaken’ said: “Congratulations you are seeing larger cruise ships for what they are. Floating hotels with more hotel rooms.”

However, bigger ships may have more suites which could be perfect for passengers who want a luxury experience.

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“These bigger ships really only offer more rooms, and the same amount of attractions and dining.

“There might be more venues but they are generally smaller now and can fit less people. More restaurants, but same problem. They are designed to fit more people on the ship. I like mid-sized ships.”

Although bigger cruise ships might not be to everyone’s taste, some of the newest ships do have more facilities.

Guests may also find that the ship has a bigger theatre, more shops or a wider range of restaurants.

However, the world’s largest ships may not be able to visit smaller ports which could impact an itinerary.

Some destinations have banned mega-ships from visiting while there have been protests in other hotspots.

Ultimately it usually comes down to personal taste. If guests want a lively experience with lots of fellow passengers, a bigger ship is probably the best choice.

Many cruise lines share deck plans of their ships online so guests will be able to get an idea of the experience beforehand.

Guests looking for a more personal experience might prefer a river cruise or small luxury ship.

These ships will usually only have one or two restaurants but will offer a more intimate experience.

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