Cruise guest warns passengers about noisy room

Cruise cabins come in all shapes and sizes and the cheapest option is usually an interior room with no windows.

Guests that want to splash out could opt for a suite room which often come with large balconies and dining areas.

However, guests will also need to think carefully about the location of their cabin on the cruise ship.

Cruise ships usually have a theatre, nightclub and several restaurants which could be noisy for passengers in nearby rooms.

A passenger has shared their warning for other guests after they ended up in a room where they could “hear everything”.

But how can cruise guests avoid booking a room under the ship’s nightclub? Most cruise lines have a deck plan available online.

Guests can have a look to see where the ship’s noisy areas are and try to book a cabin away from the noise.

Another guest ‘trilliumsummer’ said: “Usually the rule of thumb is if there are rooms above and below you, noise should be minimal.”

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Although other passengers could be noisy in their cabins, they’re unlikely to be as loud as the ship’s nightclub.

Guests will also need to think about rehearsal times if their room is near the theatre. The ship’s crew will usually practice during the day.

However, this might not be a problem if guests are planning to spend the majority of their time outside their cabin enjoying the ship.

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