Cruise guests share ‘unusual’ item to pack for ‘restful sleep’

A new cruise guest asked on Reddit if tourists had any “unusual” items they pack for a cruise. One cruise guest said they always packed a special machine to help them get a “restful sleep”.

Cruise guest SpookyVoidCat said: “We bring a white noise machine to drown out creaking/weather/neighbours. If there’s anything in particular that you like to have while you sleep, make sure you bring it with you.

“We made the mistake on a few hotel stays, thinking it was just one night and we could deal with not having our usual set-up.

“No. Don’t put yourself through that, especially for an entire cruise! Take the things you need in order to get a restful sleep, or you will be miserable!”

Cruise ships can be noisy at night, especially if a passenger’s cabin is near the nightclub or the theatre.

Guests might want to pack a white noise machine if they usually use one to get to sleep at home.

However, guests should check their cruise line’s rules before packing an electronic item as some are banned for safety reasons.

Norwegian Cruise Line recently added fans to its banned items list although passengers are allowed to bring small personal fans.

Guests could also take a look at the ship’s deck plan and try to pick a room that’s far away from the ship’s noisiest areas.

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The Reddit user added: “Something I’m absolutely going to bringing on our next cruise is a pair of those swimming shoes.”

They said they would also be bringing a dryrobe coat, which are usually used by cold water swimmers.

The guest said they had found the deck was very “cold” on their cruise in the North Sea and the English Channel.

As guests may visit a huge range of destinations on their cruise, they’ll need to check they have the right clothes for each place.

Another guest, What_if_I_fly, said: “Dress weights that stick to the bottom inside hem area so I don’t have any Marilyn Monroe moments on deck.”

Cruise decks often catch the wind and guests will need to be careful their clothes don’t reveal a little too much while they’re outside.

For the same reason, many guests like to bring clothes pegs on a cruise holiday to protect their swimming costumes.

If guests have a balcony, they can leave their costumes out there to dry but will need to peg them down to make sure they don’t lose them.

One guest said they always brought a “larger insulated mug” as the cups onboard were ”too small for their taste”.

Many cruise lines offer guests complimentary coffee and tea, but the cups are usually on the small side.

If guests bring their own mug they can also use it to carry beverages on day trips off the ship.

A reusable mug is also a great way to protect the environment and reduce disposable cup wastage.

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