Disney confident in cruise division return

Walt Disney Co. executives said that while Disney Cruise Line would likely be the last part of its travel portfolio to resume operations, data shows that consumer interest in the cruise division remained high.

Disney reported that coronavirus-related disruptions cost it some $1.4 billion in its fiscal second quarter, mostly from its Parks, Experiences and Products division, of which the cruise lines is a small part.

Bob Chapek, Disney’s CEO, said that although the cruise line “will probably be the last of our travel oriented businesses to come back online,” he added that he thought its brand position gives it more resilience than its competitors.  

“Because of that love for Disney and assurance that they feel, that they trust our business to act in a responsible way to help to the extent possible protect them against some of the woes that have plagued the industry since Covid has hit,” he said.

He also said that Disney data and our research “shows that our guests will be just as interested in cruising with us long-term.”

Christine McCarthy, Disney’s CFO, said that the cruise line “is one of our highest-rated businesses in terms of guest satisfaction, and it also has a very high intent to repeat the experience. So a lot of people who go on one tend to go back for multiple cruises.”

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