Intrepid Thanks Travel Agents in Open Letter

Intrepid Travel penned an open letter thanking travel agents for all they do, especially in a time of crisis, for National Travel Agent Appreciation Day.

This is the first letter for the tour operator’s #BeTogether community engagement platform, which encourages travelers to write letters to those in the travel industry who inspired them and share their stores with Intrepid.

The letter, posted on Intrepid Travel, recognizes the contribution that travel agents make to the industry.

“Today is a day we celebrate travel agents all over the world, so we wanted to take the opportunity to express our gratitude for all the work that you do. We know that creating the best travel experiences for your clients is not always an easy job, although you make it seem so effortless.

“So, thank you. Thank you for inspiring your clients to travel with a company that puts sustainability front of mind. Thank you for the adventurous souls you have introduced to our style of travel. Thank you for your dedication. For the early mornings, for the late nights, for the long calls, for the longer email chains… for the passions stirred, for the dreams created.”

Read the full letter at Intrepid.

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