More travelers are turning to advisors when planning vacations: ASTA survey

More travelers say they are likely to turn to a travel advisor today than they were a year ago, according to new consumer research from ASTA.

An online survey found that 50% of respondents are more likely to use a travel advisor now than they were in the past, a 14% year-over-year increase, the Society said.

Further, 49% agreed with these statements: “In today’s environment, the expertise of a travel advisor will put me more at ease about my travel plans” and “Utilizing a travel advisor to plan my dream vacation is a great way to find the best value for my travel investment.” That marks an 8% year-over-year increase, ASTA said.

The survey also found that travel was the No. 1 discretionary spend for 47% of respondents, followed by a home improvement or renovation (23%) and a computer (10%). Most respondents, 63%, said they had concrete travel plans for 2023, and 39% reported they had spent more on travel this year compared to last.

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“Our research clearly shows that Americans are increasingly excited to travel and are turning to travel advisors to ensure they are getting the experiences they deserve,” ASTA president and CEO Zane Kerby said in a release. “These numbers bear out what I hear anecdotally from our members and their clients almost every day. More and more, Americans realize there is no substitute on the computer screen for the experience of traveling.”

The survey polled 524 Americans who traveled 50 miles or more from home and spent one night in paid lodging from September 2019 until the present.

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