New Hotel Study Highlights Health Protocols Making Guests Feel Safe

A survey from the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) showed improvements to health and sanitation protocols at hotels in the United States have an impact on the comfort level of guests.

The study conducted by Morning Consult found 87 percent of travelers surveyed said employees wearing facial coverings made them feel more comfortable staying at a property. Another 85 percent said other guests wearing masks helped them feel safe.

The AHLA also revealed 86 percent of hotel visitors believe suspending daily housekeeping of rooms made them feel at ease. Utilizing technology to reduce direct contact (85 percent) was also among the top priorities for frequent travelers.

Other popular measures to increase a guest’s comfort level include adding transparent barriers (82 percent), increased signage (80 percent), temporarily closing amenities (77 percent) and floor markings to promote social distancing (77 percent).

“The hotel industry united to enhance our already rigorous cleaning protocols for the health and safety of our guests, and it’s working,” AHLA CEO Chip Rogers said. “It’s more important than ever that guests follow our Safe Stay Guest Checklist so they understand what is expected of them no matter where they stay.”

“Travelers across the country looking to include a hotel stay in their upcoming vacation plans know that with the implementation of Safe Stay, hotels will be safer and cleaner than ever before,” Rogers continued.

The study found that the priorities of travelers align with the Safe Stay Guest Checklist and CDC recommendations distributed on behalf of the industry by the AHLA.

Among the key overall findings of travelers staying in hotels five or more nights per year, cleanliness is the top priority, guests prefer housekeeping by request only and facial coverings are a must for employees and other visitors.

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