New subscription-based NDC marketplace launched

Technology company TPConnects has launched, a subscription-based online marketplace that connects airlines and travel sellers. The company said the marketplace enables agents to retain their GDS incentives and sell air products that use NDC, while avoiding GDS surcharges from airlines.

Travel agents pay a monthly subscription to The subscription price, ranging from $49 to $299, depends on the package they choose based on volume of transactions.

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According to TPConnects, agents use their own GDS credentials on the site, enabling them to keep earning incentives. At the same time, the company said, they can avoid GDS surcharges, like those charged by Emirates, Lufthansa Group and British Airways. also has content from low-cost carriers.

Agents on have the ability to create subagents, create permissions for staff members and add markups.

Meanwhile, airlines participating in the marketplace can create dynamic, tailored offers for travelers.

According to the website, the company has dozens of airlines providing content.

In a statement, TPConnects CEO Rajendran Vellapalath said one of the biggest NDC adoption hurdles for the travel agency community has been the multiple NDC portals rolled out by airlines.

“Agents have to switch between the screens to search and compare the best offers or end up paying additional surcharges for NDC bookings made through traditional channels or soon will end up paying a distribution fee,” Vellapalath said. “ is bringing content from both the traditional channel as well as the NDC and LCC channels in to one screen, combined with rich content from Routehappy, enabling the travel agents to leverage all the benefits.” is certified by IATA as an NDC Level 4 Aggregator.

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