Rocky Mountaineer Suspends Rail Departures Through Aug. 30

Rocky Mountaineer has canceled rail departures through Aug. 30, 2020, extending its suspension of service due to the COVID-19 pandemic and continued government travel and health restrictions.

The luxury train operator previously canceled departures through July 31.

“We are incredibly disappointed to announce this extension of our travel suspension,” said Steve Sammut, president and CEO of Rocky Mountaineer. “As the global response to the pandemic evolves, we continue to evaluate the impact on our operations. At this time, with numerous travel restrictions remaining in place globally, airlines having limited flight availability, many of our operational partners having suspended their services, among other challenges, it has become impossible for us to start our operations before the end of August.”

Guests on a suspended departure will receive a future travel credit of 110 percent value of monies paid, valid through the end of the 2022 season.

Rocky Mountaineer also is holding 2021 and 2022 rail prices at the 2020 level, so guests will not experience an inflationary price increase for the rail portion of their itinerary. For guests rebooking a similar package in 2021, within 14 days on either side of the original departure date anniversary, Rocky Mountaineer will guarantee they will not pay more for the new package, including third-party hotels, tours and attractions.

“We hope by offering the future travel credit, consistent rail pricing, flexibility with rebooking, and package rebooking guarantee we can make it as easy as possible for our guests to plan their future travel,” Sammut said. “Rocky Mountaineer is committed to providing these guests with a world-class experience when the global circumstances permit and it is possible to do so.”

Guests on a suspended departure can contact their travel professional or Rocky Mountaineer before Nov. 30, 2021 to select their new travel date. For additional information, click here.

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