Take a Virtual Visit to Airbnb’s Most Wish-listed Destinations — and Plan Your Next Trip

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We are now a full year into pandemic life and a full year of forgoing travel to our dream destinations around the globe. While it's most certainly upsetting to think about the things we've missed out on in the last year, it's still okay to daydream about all the adventures to come. To help think more positive thoughts, Airbnb is sharing some of its most wish-listed destinations around the globe to get you wanderlusting once again.

"Nearly a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, guests who are unable to visit far-flung destinations are seeking out travel inspiration from their favorite places," Airbnb shared in a blog post. "According to a recent survey, 76% of U.S. consumers say just thinking about future travel has helped their mental health during the pandemic, and the majority plan to visit both new places (60%) and return to favorite places (61%) once restrictions are lifted and travel is safe again."

Ready to set your sights on somewhere new? Check out where Airbnb users are dreaming of heading next so you can join them, along with a few virtual experience options so you can get a taste of each spot from home right now.

Los Angeles, California

"The entertainment capital of the world is the most wish-listed destination by Airbnb guests in 2021, but it might not be for the reason you'd expect," Airbnb explained. "Over a quarter of Americans who ranked Los Angeles as their top destination said their top travel priority was relaxation. Hugged between mountains and the ocean, the natural landscape of LA's laidback enclaves like Venice Beach and Silver Lake might be enough to bring travelers peace of mind."

Virtual experiences to try:

-Try a Fluid Art Class experience that will not only leave you feeling relaxed, but will also leave you with a beautiful piece of artwork to serve as inspiration for your California adventure.

-Take part in the Discover the LA night sky experience with Host Emilie who helps guests identify and photograph constellations above the city.

Sevierville, Tennessee

"While Sevierville might be closer to home for many Americans, that hasn't prevented it from being one of the most wishlisted destinations around the globe," Airbnb wrote. "Nestled near the base of the Smoky Mountains, this town is beckoning those in need of a change of scenery. More than half of the people who had Sevierville at the top of their wanderlust list were most likely to seek out its signature unique landscapes when visiting.

Virtual experiences to try:

-Start or end your day with a relaxing hour-long visit with Host Audrey and her goats Tom Hanks and Wilson. The three of them will happily show you around the 18-acre farm they call home.

-Take a virtual tour of Cliffside Hideaway and Elegantly Designed Cabin and save both homes for a future trip.

Seoul, South Korea

"A vibrant city emblematic of both history and modernity, it might come as no surprise that the explosive K-pop hub ranks highly on music lovers' wishlists," Airbnb wrote. "Nearly half (47%) of Americans who rank Seoul as their top travel destination are most likely to seek out the city's music, concerts, and nightlife. This group is also the most likely to list food and drink as the most important aspect of travel. "

Virtual experiences to try:

-Try your hand at being the star of a K-pop music video with Host Brian, who guides guests through a dance routine.

-Master authentic Korean cuisine with kimchi chef and Host Minseon, who immerses cooks across the world in the culinary traditions from home.

-Spark even more travel dreams by checking out this traditional style hanok stay and this cozy and light-filled apartment in the heart of the city.

Atlanta, Georgia

"A city with massive historical significance, Atlanta is also making its mark on current culture. A quarter of US travelers whose top destination is Atlanta prioritize culture and history as well as relaxation equally," Airbnb said. "And when traveling to the South's unofficial capital, over 40% of them are most likely to seek out the food, dining, and bar scene. "

Virtual experiences to try:

-Pick up easy vegan cooking with a southern twist as Host Zuleemah shows guests her signature buffalo bites recipe.

-Relax by making your own easy facial using ingredients that will turn into delicious cookies by the end of the experience.

-Check out Hosts Tracie and Jeff's Trinity Treehouse and Allie and Brandon's Old Fourth Flat and save them both for future stays.

Paris, France

"From its art to its cuisine, Paris' dynamic essence continues to inspire travelers of all kinds," Airbnb wrote. "Above all, its history and landmarks are what Paris-loving Americans are most likely to visit for, but 63% of them are most likely to seek out the fine dining, bars, and restaurants the city has to offer, more than any other city group.

Virtual experiences to try:

-Take a virtual tour of the city with Host Anto to discover the places the locals love.

-Join sommelier Host Luiz for a wine tasting of your favorite French varietals, or learning the intricacies of Chouquettes and French baking with Host Carlos.

-Imagine yourself inside this contemporary loft and this color-blocked Marais apartment for future stays.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"With some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the world, it's no wonder beach, hiking, and nature experiences are the top things the majority (58%) of Rio lovers would seek out when visiting," Airbnb wrote.

Virtual experiences to try:

-Learn how to make Caipirinha, the traditional Brazilian drink, with Host Alessandra while she shares tips on how to see Rio's off-the-beaten-path treasures.

-Take a samba class with Host Carla, who makes guests feel like they're at the heart of the Rio Carnival Festival.

-Save both this colorful retro apartment and this modern industrial loft situated just steps from the beach for a vacation later on.

Bali, Indonesia

"A tropical oasis for nature lovers at heart, travelers with Bali at the top of their travel wishlist are the most likely to seek out the beach, hiking and nature experiences (74%) and unique landscapes (64%) of any other city group," Airbnb explained. "They are also twice as likely to opt for special or unique stays like geodesic domes when traveling."

Virtual experiences to try:

-Experience Bali through touch and making traditional handicrafts from coconut leaves.

-Prepare authentic Indonesian dishes while being immersed in Hosts Ngurah & Ayu's Balinese garden.

-Tour this bamboo dome and this flora-drenched villa for future stays.

Mexico City, Mexico

"Mexico's capital leaves travelers spellbound by its people, street food, and art, which might explain why people with Mexico City as their top wishlist destination are most likely to prioritize meeting new people as part of their travel experience," Airbnb said. "Half of them are also most interested in seeking out the city's food and bar scene while visiting."

Virtual experiences to try:

-Live the Day of the Dead tradition, including learning about the significance of altars, making the famous and colorful Mexican "papel picado," and creating your own sugar skull.

-Learn to cook traditional Mexican classics from scratch with Host and Mexican Chef Ambassador, Graciela.

– Check out the sweeping Condesa views and eclectic mix of textiles of these two apartments in the heart of the city and save both for later.

Cape Town, South Africa

"With the dramatically stunning Table Mountain as the backdrop, Cape Town's natural landscapes make it a playground for active travelers," Airbnb said. "The majority (54%) of US travelers with Cape Town at the top of their list are most likely to seek out its adventure experiences, and they are the group most likely to prioritize nature and the outdoors when traveling."

Virtual experiences to try:

-Virtually dive into a marine reserve brimming with sharks with marine biologist Host Justin.

-Support wildlife conservation by helping researcher and Host Kailen find and remove snares to make sure animals like elephants and leopards stay safe in the wild.

-Save this private apartment with valley and mountain views and this tranquil retreat nestled in nature for a future getaway.

London, United Kingdom

"A city brimming with history and stunning architecture, travelers who have London at the top of their travel wishlist are most likely to seek out the historical sites (74%), famous landmarks (73%) and museum scene (65%)," Airbnb wrote.

Virtual experiences to try:

-Brave the dark streets of Victorian-era London with Host Jamie, as he takes guests through the grim history of notorious serial killer Jack the Ripper.

-Brush up on wizarding trivia as Host Mark takes guests behind the scenes of the locations that brought Harry Potter to life on screen.

-Add this distinct chapel loft and this classically British ground floor flat to a list of future stays.

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