‘The best damn island’ Staff serve 250 kilos of ribs a day on billionaire cruise island

Billionaire Cruise Ship: Chef reveals how much food is cooked

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While guests rarely see any of the more hair-raising moments on Ocean Cay, the staff have their fair share of teething problems to tackle. Channel 4 joined the staff of Ocean Cay just weeks after it first opened to paying guests.

With 95 acres of golden sands, the island hosts guests from some of the world’s biggest and most luxurious ocean liners.

Exclusive for MSC Cruises passengers, Ocean Cay is designed to meet tourists’ every need with water sports,relaxation and gourmet food.

Viewers meet Michelle, the island manager, as she gives a pep talk to Ocean Cay’s many staff. She says: “We’re the best damn island”.

Ocean Cay cost the island’s owner, Mr Vago, £2million to create and caters to three boatloads of 4,000 guests per week.

Cruise guests typically spend the final day of a week’s cruise holiday on the island in the Bahamas.

Just 80 miles from Miami, the paradise island is the perfect spot to unwind on the final day of a holiday.

On the show, staff are busy preparing Ocean Cay’s latest show stopping feature, “the most expensive lighthouse in the world.”

The island’s special lighthouse cost £1million to install and is covered with 20,000 LED lights for the guests’ outstanding final night light show.

One of the lighthouse engineer’s jokes: “This is the most expensive lighthouse in the world.

“I defy anyone else to come up with a more expensive one, it’s probably the world’s most useless lighthouse because it isn’t a lighthouse.

“It can’t function as a lighthouse, ships will be careering into the edges, going ‘it didn’t keep me off the reef’.”

Despite his reservations, the guests are extremely impressed by the brand new lighthouse show, with one saying it was “the perfect ending to a great day”.

Although every cruise guest visiting Ocean Cay can expect first class service, VIP cruisers get an extra touch of luxury.

With onboard cabins costing around £1,000 per night, each VIP cabin has their own butler to cater to their every possible need.

The luxury service continues on Ocean Cay as VIP guests are transported to the island’s exclusive Yacht Club by private golf cart.

Many spend the day in luxury beach cabanas at a cost of £400 per day with private service from their cruise butler who meets them ashore.

One luxury guest told Channel 4: “It’s a spectacular place, you get overwhelmed by the water.”

Another added: “We don’t know how to cruise now we’ve experienced Yacht Club, it’s an experience of a lifetime.”

While the guests are none the wiser, Michelle and her team have to cope with many teething issues on Ocean Cay.

Tony, the island’s Mancunian chef, finds some of his many kitchen staff get lost due to the new layout.

He says: “We’ve been a new island and a new layout, some of the guys got lost so they took longer to get to where they should have been but overall it went very well.”

At lunch the team serve a whopping 2,000 hotdogs, 250 kilos of ribs, 175 kilos of jerk chicken, 2,800 burgers and salad in the region of 700 kilos.

Billionaire Cruise Ship: Paradise Island is on Channel 4 tonight at 8pm.

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