There Are Pink 'Cotton Candy Caves' in Australia — and They're Absolutely Stunning

Australia is already known for its beauty and adventurous spirit, but now, a new natural phenomenon is trending and it's sending flocks of people just two hours north of Sydney.

Earning the nickname "cotton candy caves" thanks to its bright pink hue, these grottos — also known as the pink caves — are nestled in the Munmorah State Conservation Area, about 81 miles north of New South Wales' capital city, according to DailyMail.

Visitors can access these natural beauties via the Moonee Beach Trail, but only if they can manage the nearly two-and-a-half-mile return walk along the rocks. Tourists are also urged to only make the trek during low tide to avoid slipping on the rocks or being pummeled by waves.

Throughout the years, the forces of nature have split the ocean cave's platform, meaning the waves crash right in the middle. During low tide, waves rush through the split rock, quickly filling the gap before the tide takes the water back out. The draining of the cave is what exposes the bright pink and purple colors. It's also part of what makes the experience a bit dangerous if visitors aren't careful.

There are two routes that lead adventurers to the pink caves. The shorter trip takes about one and a half to two hours and involves accessing the caves via the northern end of Moonee Beach through the rock platforms on the coast.

The other route offers some scenic views that may make the longer walk worth the effort. It also takes visitors to the less-explored section of the colorful sea caves. For a bit more adventure, visitors can head to the Rainbow Caves at the northern end of Moonee Beach and over the headland toward Deep Cave Bay.

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