Travel agency network Traveller Made rebrands

Luxury travel agency network Traveller Made is undergoing a repositioning, planning to relaunch under the name Serandipians.

According to Traveller Made CEO Quentin Desurmont, the new name draws inspiration from the concept of serendipity.

“We are believers in serendipity, and believers in serendipity are ‘Serandipians,'” said Desurmont. 

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The name change is also designed to further enhance the network’s upscale positioning, emulating branding strategies utilized by companies selling high-end fashion, jewelry, wine and other luxury consumer goods. 

“We really worked on brand storytelling, and emotion is very important,” said Desurmont. “[Travelers] want more. They want to dream.”

The rebranding comes as Traveller Made continues to expand, even during the pandemic. Launched in Europe in 2013 with 47 agencies, the group now has a total of 470 member agencies across 70 countries. Fifty members joined last year. 

Today, only about 40% of the network’s members are Europe-based.

“We are recruiting more agencies outside of Europe, so we now have 100 across the Americas (40 in North America) as well as agencies in Russia, India, the Middle East and China,” said Desurmont. 

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Meanwhile, Desurmont said that although the network and its agency members will be adopting the name Serandipians, the Traveller Made brand will live on, serving as an “umbrella brand” under which Serandipians and any potential future offshoots will exist. 

As part of the rebranding transition, Serandipians member agencies will be receiving updated logos and other resources, including a 30-second video that can be shared via social media.

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