Tripadvisor received 1.3 million fake reviews last year

More than 1.3 million reviews submitted to Tripadvisor last year — 4.4% of its total review submissions — were fake, but the travel company prevented 72% from making it onto the platform.

That marks a five-percentage-point increase from 2020, when Tripadvisor caught 67% of fraudulent reviews.

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The company on Tuesday released its third Review Transparency Report, which is published every two years. The most recent report was published in 2020.

In addition to fraudulent reviews, Tripadvisor removed 24,521 reviews associated with paid review companies in 2022.

Tripadvisor deals with offending businesses in a variety of ways, including with content bans, ranking penalties and red badges on their page. More than 33,000 ranking penalties were issued in 2022, and 341 red badge warnings were issued (those given red badges were also given ranking penalties).

In 2022, Tripadvisor said, the number of reviews left on the site were up 20% from 2020, totaling 30.2 million. Additionally, 1.3 million new businesses were added to the site, for a total of 11.1 million listings in the year, up 16% from 2020.

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