Behind the scenes at the Metropolitan Museum of Art: What does it take reopen a national landmark? Come inside.

Dennis Kaiser leaned out of the scissor lift to reach the trumpeting angel. He gently brushed a vacuum cleaner hose along her outstretched arm.

For a minute, the sculpture and the art handler formed similar silhouettes in the sun-drenched American Wing.

One, carved of wood 120 years ago, was crafted at a time when the Industrial Revolution was transforming modern life. The other, as contemporary as could be, sucked up the accumulated dust of six months of coronavirus pandemic-required absence.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City reopens this week – Thursday to members and Saturday to the general public – after closing abruptly March 13. One of New York’s biggest tourist attraction, currently celebrating its 150th anniversary with a new exhibit, had never before closed for more than three days – and that was for bad weather.

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