Sandals treating Olympians to free vacation stays

Olympic athletes from the islands where Sandals Resorts International operates have been gifted with complimentary vacation stays by Adam Stewart, executive chairman.

Olympians who medaled in the just-concluded Olympic Games in Tokyo will each receive one complimentary no-limit on nights’ stay in the highest room category at any Sandals or Beaches resort across the region, complete with BMW transfers from their homes, if applicable, to the resort of choice.

In addition, all athletes from the Caribbean who represented their country in the Olympics in any event will receive four-night vacations at a Sandals resort on their home island. The contingent from St. Vincent will vacation at a Sandals resort on St. Lucia since the Beaches St. Vincent is not yet open.

“It takes a great amount of sacrifice, hard work, dedication and consistency to even make it to the Olympics,” said Stewart. “Our Caribbean athletes have shown admirable grit, tenacity and a fighting spirit, and as a Caribbean brand, entirely committed to the development of the region and showcasing our regional talent, we are beyond proud of every single athlete who went out there to represent their country.

“We cannot wait to roll out our red carpet for all our Olympians when their schedules allow,” he said.

He pointed out that the Games and the performances of the athletes “have been just what we needed to lift our collective spirits. We can never thank our athletes enough for everything they do for their countries, and we cannot express enough what it means to all of us. We are going to make sure they have the best vacation experience of their lives when they redeem their prizes at Sandals Resorts.”

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