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With both flights and kids grounded due to the COVID-19 pandemic, global travel site Skyscanner has created free, downloadable play packs to enable families to still share travel experiences, discover other cultures and teach children about destinations around the world.

Each week, Skyscanner’s network of travel experts from across the globe will create activity packs that encourage children to be curious about travel, while helping parents by providing activities and craft projects to entertain little ones whilst at home.

The downloadable activity packs for kids aged 5-10 years include:

The first play pack is now available to download from here. Brand new play packs will be launched weekly throughout April.

What’s more, the play packs include ‘at home adventures’ for families to share via social media. Skyscanner families will be setting challenges for kids across the globe, including:

The ethos behind the idea is that travel provides a unique education for children. Whether they are exploring just an hour from home or discovering a long-haul destination, the power of understanding and appreciating others’ lives and cultures is critical to becoming a global citizen. Travel builds tolerance, empathy and awareness, something that we are endeavouring to recreate for families, who currently are unable to let their children truly interact with the world.

Skyscanner is working hard to support travellers through the COVID-19 pandemic with dedicated advice and product support for those searching to get home or for future adventures when the world re-opens. Their recent research revealed that 60% of their travellers are optimistic that they will be able to travel internationally later this year, of which half are very optimistic. The most recent launches from Skyscanner are part of their #WeWill movement, which is designed to focus on the future, ensuring that hope and faith endure during this difficult time.

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