Holidaymakers cannot wait for their next bout of fun in the summer sun

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The dream holiday will also feature white sandy beaches, a luxury hotel with a huge pool, cocktails and friendly staff. The perfect break would also involve dining out, trips to all the local attractions and landmarks – plus lots of time to enjoy their chosen holiday reading. Commissioned by Jet2holidays, the research identified the dream locations, which include Greece and Italy.

But wherever they stay, there will be clear blue seas and plenty of opportunity to get a tan.

A spokesman for Jet2holidays, said: “It’s fascinating to find out what holidaymakers want for their perfect break, particularly after such an imperfect year.

“It’s clear from the research that holidaymakers still have very specific things they want from a getaway – lots of sun, the beach, blue seas, and friendly faces to look after them.

“And why wouldn’t they – they have busy lives and have been through a lot recently, so understandably they want their break to tick all the boxes.”

The research also found that holidaymakers want direct access to the beach from their hotel, a big screen TV, a games room, gym and a hot tub.

The customer service will be on point too – in fact, 80 percent said friendly staff would be “crucial” in ensuring their holiday was spot on.

Cocktails will be enjoyed, while the cuisine of choice among those polled would be Italian.

Carried out through OnePoll, the Jet2holidays study also identified the main reasons for wanting to get away next year.

These include “desperately” needing a break (47 pe cent), wanting to feel the sun on their skin (41 percent) and to switch-off (40 percent).

The spokesman added: “It has of course been a very unusual year but 2021 is shaping up to be a fantastic year.

“The thought of getting away is so exciting and it’s likely we’ll never have appreciated holidays as much we will with our next one.

“That next holiday is going to be really special.

“As the airline and holiday company that has been praised for how we have handled the pandemic and looked after our customers, we’re looking forward to spoiling customers on their well-deserved holidays.”

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