Tell us about the book that made you want to travel

How many trips to Thailand were sold on the back Alex Garland’s The Beach, or holidays in Tuscany inspired by E M Forster? Even before lockdown, some of the best travel inspiration came not from glossy brochures or commercials, but the printed word. And now, when the idea of being whirled off to distant realms has never felt more alluring, we’d like to hear about the book that inspired you to travel.

It doesn’t have to be a novel: maybe Maya Angelou made you want to see the Deep South for yourself, or Bill Bryson set your feet itching for a Walk in the Woods.

Use the form below to tell us about the book that made you want to pack your bags – whether you actually went or the trip is still a dream – keeping your tip to about 100 words.

Send your tip by Tuesday 21 April at 10am BST. We’re afraid that in these difficult times, there is no prize on offer for the week’s best entry – though hopefully that will return soon. But in the spirit of solidarity and optimism, we’d still love you share your treasured reads with fellow readers. That also means you do not need to be a UK resident to submit a tip.

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Photographs are very welcome if they are high-quality (at least 700 pixels wide please) and you are happy to share them but it is the text we will consider. If you do send photographs please ensure you are the copyright holder.

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