This Home Essentials Kit From Muji Is Perfect for First-time Airbnb Hosts

It can be tough to be a great host on Airbnb. You have to think of everything: kitchen utensils, dishes, towels, Wi-Fi and entertainment, and, of course, cleanliness. All of these things require both time and finances to make sure your guests have the perfect stay.

Luckily, Airbnb and MUJI have a way to make it easier.

Airbnb and Japanese retailer MUJI are launching Airbnb Host Essentials by MUJI, a first of its kind kit featuring affordable, design-forward essentials geared toward both prospective and existing hosts looking to refresh their space.

"Our focus when preparing for guests is centered around the actual experience of being there. This covers all of the senses as they relate to our locations in the desert. It's so important to have the right amenities to become much more than just a place to sleep," said Airbnb Host Sara Combs.

The home essentials kit has 23 unique essential items to accommodate up to two guests, including kitchenware items (like porcelain table sets, glass tumblers, and serving dishes), bath and closet products (like waffle towels and clothing hangers), cleaning products, MUJI favorites like its recycled paper notebooks to serve as a guestbook, smooth gel colored pens, and the company's Aroma Diffuser with essential oils.

MUJI curated the items based on insight from travelers themselves. A recent survey conducted and analyzed by DKC Analytics asked 1,000 U.S. travelers about the items and rooms that make for an exceptional stay, as well as items that are often overlooked by hosts. For the most part, the top essential items include high-quality towels, hangers, coffee mugs, high-quality table settings, and high-caliber glassware.

"Our philosophy emphasizes a practicality and dedication to quality that enables a simple, good life, and we were immediately struck by the synergy with Airbnb in its values of Hosting," said Taku Hareyama, MUJI's President of the United States and Canada operations. "Airbnb's commitment to good hospitality and mission of providing authentic and positive experiences for its guests and hosts in the spaces that they live and stay is so core to our work, we were delighted to create a kit of essentials that would embody this philosophy of a commitment to reliable, quality basics."

Starting today, both aspiring and current Hosts on Airbnb can purchase the kit for $400 on the MUJI website, while supplies last. For more information on hosting, visit the Airbnb website.

Andrea Romano is a freelance writer in New York City. Follow her on Twitter @theandrearomano.

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