Top adventure holiday activities – like hiking and wildlife safaris

And for those looking to break away from their usual holiday routine and become more adventurous in 2023 and beyond, 53 percent put this down to wanting to push themselves to try new things.

Snorkelling (31 percent), husky sledding (23 percent), and wilderness camping (22 percent) also made the list of adventurous activities holiday goers want to do more of.

The research, commissioned by adventure travel company Hurtigruten Expeditions, also found snowboarding (21 percent), cliff diving (19 percent), and wildlife watching (18 percent) were other activities in mind for upcoming adventures.

And while 30 percent considered it bold to try a new dish abroad, 23 percent saw anything less than exploring a truly remote part of the world, or camping out in the wilderness, as not “daring” enough.

Anthony Daniels, UK general manager for the travel brand, said: “More than ever, travellers are looking to break away from their usual holiday habits.

“And as our research shows, we are continuing to witness the emergence of the adventure traveller who is looking to explore new destinations and experience once-in-a-lifetime trips.”

The study also found the average adult has travelled to 12 different countries in their lifetime, and goes on at least one holiday a year.

More than half (54 percent) go on adventure holidays with their partner, while 26 percent prefer to be adventurous with their friends.

And with 66 percent wanting to try new things on holiday, even if they have to step out of their comfort zone, 61 percent prefer the idea of doing so if they had an expert guide or helping hand, according to the OnePoll data.

Of those who do take the plunge, it makes them feel excited (37 percent), happy (25 percent), and proud (23 percent).

And the characteristics most associated with an adventurer were found to be active (51 percent), courageous (45 percent), and spirited (40 percent).

It also emerged that, in the past, a fifth considered going on a rollercoaster to be adventurous – but now, 49 percent view exploring remote parts of the world as daring.

Visiting destinations such as Antarctica (57 percent), the Galapagos Islands (50 percent), South America (43 percent), and West Africa (41 percent) were also deemed audacious.

Anthony Daniels, from Hurtigruten Expeditions – which takes guests to some of the most adventurous parts of the world, with excursions including camping in Antarctica, dog sledding through the Arctic, and sea kayaking in Alaska – added: “With the Galapagos Islands and Antarctica featuring highly as adventurous destinations, these once-deemed fantasy escapes are now a reality for those looking to discover incredible parts of the world.

“With our Expedition team on hand to guide you and state-of-the-art expedition ships, our team will take you to places you might only have dreamt of – where you can discover your inner explorer.”

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