Walks near me: Experience the beauty of the North with a walk near Sheffield

With the summer weather in full swing, many Britons are keen to explore the beauty of the UK after months spent indoors in the spring months of lockdown. The good news is, no matter where in the country you are located, you likely won’t have to travel far to be met with some of the natural beauty the UK has to offer. For those living in Sheffield and looking for stunning surroundings to stretch their legs in, here are five nearby walks to try.

Kinder Scout

Kinder Scout is the highest point in the Peak District and standing at 636 metres above sea level boasts unforgettable views of the surrounding area.

Though the walk itself may be a little challenging, the nature along the way is unmatched.

During the climb, ramblers will come across dark gritstone, gently trickling streams and exciting yet steep rocky facades.

How far is the Kinder Scout walk?

Kinder Scout covers approximately 8.8 miles for those daring enough to take on the challenge.

On average it takes ramblers around 5 hours to complete.

How do I get to Kinder Scout?

It is a 58-minute car journey from the centre of Sheffield, and well within reach of to those living in the metropolitan area.

Simply hop in the car and drive via the A57.

Is there anything else nearby?

For those looking to make a staycation of the experience, Kinder Scout is surrounded by a wealth of ‘glamping’ opportunities and cosy campsites.

Hayfield Camping Pods offer an alternative twist on sleeping in the great outdoors.

Meanwhile, Rushop Hall Holiday Cottages are a quaint way to end a day of adventuring.

Padley Gorge Trail

Nestled in the Peak District Valley is the woodland haven that is Padley Gorge.

Boasting lush foliage, rocky expanses and even a couple of waterfalls, the trail is well signposted along the way.

For those eager to extend the walk, the trail runs close to Stanage Edge, which promises beautiful views of the Hallam Moors and Hope Valley.

How far is the Padley Gorge walk?

The Padley Gorge Trail offers a couple of routes spanning from 2.9 miles to 8 miles, depending on how much of a challenge you are up for.

Walkers cite the experience taking up to four hours in total.

How do I get to Padley Gorge?

Padley Gorge is accessible by car via the A625.

A short journey, it takes just 19 minutes to drive.

Alternatively, train routes from Sheffield Station to Grindleford Station, the beginning of the Padley Gorge trail, take around 14 minutes.

Is there anything else nearby?

After a long day of walking, adventurers might be keen to wet their whistle and rest their feet.

The good news is there is a family-friendly pub not too far away.

The Fox House also offers a car park for those who have driven.

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Mam Tor Circular Walk

If you are looking for picture-perfect views, Mam Tor Circular walk could be the one for you.

This is one of the most well-known walks in the Peak District and takes ramblers right from Castleton up towards Blue John Cavern.

Though the journey may be upwards, the walk itself isn’t too bad and is recommended for all levels of hikers.

From the top, expect to be rewarded with views of the Vale of Edale, Peveril Castle and the Hope Valley.

How far is the Mam Tor Circular walk?

The Mam Tor circular walk is around 2.7 miles long.

Walkers who have previously ventured along its paths say the journey takes between one and two hours on average.

How do I get to Mam Tor?

Driving to Mam Tor from Sheffield takes around 38 minutes following the A57.

Is there anything else nearby?

Given its location, there are plenty of other walks and hikes near Mam Tor for those eager to take on another challenge.

Alternatively, why not discover one of the naturally formed caverns within the peak district?

Both Blue John Cavern and Treak Cliff Cavern are located nearby and promise an awe-inspiring experience.

Hardcastle Crags

A perfect mix of lush greenery and rugged rocks, Hardcastle Crags offers a number of walking options.

Each trail varies in difficulty and is also well signposted for any level of walker.

Nature lovers will be content too, with a delightful mix of waterfalls and wildlife along the way.

How far is the Hardcastle Crags walk?

Largely this depends on which walk you choose to take on.

With over 15 miles of footpaths to explore, walkers can take on a day-long ramble or a leisurely one hour stroll.

How do I get to Hardcastle Crags?

By car travel just one hour and eight minutes via both the M1 and M62.

Trains also run from Sheffield Station to nearby Hebden Bridge Station.

Is there anything else nearby?

A national trust cafe not too far from the walking routes is the perfect opportunity to grab a refreshment and a bite to eat.

Fuel up with a coffee pre-walk, or indulge in a freshly made scone at the end of a long day.

Agden Reservoir

Agden Reservoir is a circular walk through stunning greenery and promising beautiful views.

Running on mostly flat paths, this is a walk that is ideal for all abilities.

Staring in the village of Low Bradfield, wanderers will pass through rich woodland areas before being greeted with amazing countryside views, and of course, the reservoir itself.

How far is the Agden Reservoir walk?

The Agden Reservoir walk spans around 2.5 miles.

It is estimated to take one hour and 15 minutes to complete the trek.

How do I get to Agden Reservoir?

Agden Reservoir is around six miles from Sheffield and can be reached within 21 minutes by car.

Drive via Loxley Road.

Is there anything else nearby?

The Agden Reservoir walk begins in Low Bradfield, a quaint Yorkshire dwelling which is home to several locally ran cafes and retailers.

Little ones will be occupied in the village’s playground, meanwhile, the Plough Pub and School Rooms Deli offer plenty of choices for rumbling tummies.

The village’s bowling green is also an ideal space for a picnic on a summers day. 

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