Airline Bookings Are Down, But Interest in Flying Again is Growing

As confirmed cases of the coronavirus spike across the United States, an aviation industry services provider has revealed travel agency air bookings have once again dropped in recent weeks.

According to the Airlines Reporting Corporation, the data revealed a 77 percent year-over-year decline in air transactions through the week ending on June 28, which was down from the 76.5 percent drop for the week ending on June 21.

The previous week also saw a decline at 75.2 percent, which broke a trend of almost two months of consecutive rising air transactions. The aviation industry turned around in April after dropping 93.8 percent.

A recent survey by ValuePenguin found that while numbers may be down, there is still a silver lining for the remainder of 2020. Data suggests around 32 percent of Americans “definitely” plan to travel by plane again before the end of the year.

Of the respondents who said they’d be willing to fly again this year, 40 percent revealed they would board a plane this summer in June, July or August. The study also found that Millennials and Gen Xers think airlines are doing enough to make passengers feel safe, but baby boomers aren’t so sure.

In addition, more than four out of 10 surveyed consumers who plan to fly this year have been “shamed” by friends, family or colleagues for their choice.

On Monday, Airlines for America (A4A) announced passengers will now be required to complete a health acknowledgment form during check-in for a flight. The requirement is for all passengers, and anyone that refuses runs the risk of being declared unfit to travel.

The news comes hours after Delta Air Lines revealed it would continue to block middle seats and limit passenger numbers in every cabin through September 30.

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