Delta Changes Boarding Process

Now, some people say that some of the things the coronavirus has brought us will remain long after the pandemic is gone—washing our hands more often, social distancing, no handshakes, etc.

Here’s one that some might say should have been instituted long before COVID-19.

Delta Air Lines announced on Friday it was making further changes to how it is adapting to customer safety needs due to the virus, including a unique way to board its flights. All flights will now follow a back-to-front boarding process to support social distancing and reduce the instances of customers needing to pass by one another to reach their seat.

Wait, what?


The one measure that passengers have been clamoring for for years—an orderly, row-by-row, back-to-front boarding process—is now in place on Delta flights.

The measures started Saturday, April 10, and will be in place through May 31 and may be adjusted or extended depending on COVID-19 developments.

There are caveats. According to Delta, pre-boarding—including those who need extra time and assistance—is in place. Customers are encouraged to help with good social distancing practices by waiting for their row to be called. Those seated in Delta One or First Class, as well as Diamond Medallion Members, remain welcome to board at any point during the boarding process.

The new process builds on the metered, or spaced, boarding that began in early April, and boards fewer customers at a time to allow for more distance between them.

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