Man Refusing to Wear Mask Removed From Delta Flight

On a Delta Air Lines flight from Aruba to Atlanta, a man refused to wear a mask, threatened flight crew and was, ultimately, removed from the aircraft before takeoff.

Todd Benson was flying from Aruba to Atlanta with his family when he witnessed the incident.

“It was shameful behavior,” Benson told ClickOnDetroit. “He was yelling, I have it on, and he was talking about his mask. The Delta flight attendant was requesting that he put it on properly.”

Benson also said that the man threatened to beat up a flight attendant.

“I thought that was completely inappropriate. He was saying he was gonna somehow get her fired,” said Benson.

The man also reportedly tried to talk to the pilot and swearing at other passengers.

“As he was leaving, the most graphic language that you could possibly imagine just came spewing out of his mouth and I wish we all could have just covered our ears,” Benson noted.

The airline responded with a statement about the incident saying: “A customer on Delta flight 654 operating from Aruba to Atlanta was removed by security personnel after refusing to wear a mask onboard the aircraft in compliance with Delta’s mask-wearing requirements,” a Delta spokesperson said. “The flight departed safely for Atlanta without further incident.”

This isn’t the first time that Delta has had to enforce its mask policy. A Delta flight to Atlanta returned to Detroit after two passengers refused to wear face masks.

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