Pilot Landing at LAX Sees Person With Jetpack in Flight Path

An American Airlines pilot preparing to land at a Los Angeles airport Sunday night got more than he bargained for when he reportedly saw a person wearing a jetpack flying around the airspace above the city.

According to Fox5 Atlanta, the captain was flying at an altitude of around 3,000 feet as he approached at a distance of 10 miles from Los Angeles International Airport when he reported the incident to the air traffic control tower.

The American Airlines pilot reported he saw a “guy in a jetpack” around 300 yards from the plane as he was preparing for a landing. Moments later, a second pilot reached out to air traffic controllers and reported the same person flying around near LAX’s incoming flight path.

Officials at LAX turned over the reports of the jetpacker to the Federal Aviation Administration, who reportedly shared details with the Los Angeles Police Department. Anyone with information is being asked to contact the LAPD.

It’s been a rough month for American Airlines, as the carrier has been dealing with several issues with passengers not wearing facial coverings, which resulted in a fight and an attack on a flight crew member.

On a more positive note, American Airlines announced several changes to the travel experience, including eliminating change fees, allowing customers to fly standby for free and adding more flexibility to basic economy.

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