Woman Gets Past Security and Onto Plane Before Being Caught

A female would-be passenger somehow made it past a Transportation Security Administration security checkpoint and actually took a seat on a plane at Orlando International Airport before being caught, according to the Associated Press.

The incident happened in October 2019 but only came to light now after a review of TSA documents.

The woman had neither identification nor a plane ticket, yet somehow not only got past TSA but also past gate agents to actually take a seat on the plane before getting caught.

She reportedly was able to get into the Orlando airport by showing a TSA agent an old JetBlue baggage claim ticket. When told she would need to go to the JetBlue ticket counter, she left and then re-entered the airport again, slipping past security as two families in line near her were showing officials their documents and getting screened.

She successfully walked through the X-ray machine and then went to a Delta Air Lines gate and sat down.

The woman was able to get onto the plane by convincing a gate agent she was helping another passenger who was using a wheelchair and was able to board early. It was only when another passenger said the woman was sitting in his seat and produced a ticket for that seat that the Delta crew confronted the woman.

She was removed from the plane after trying to use a selfie on her phone as ID. The AP reported that she was later identified through facial recognition software and authorities said she had a history of mental health issues. No charges were filed.

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