A woman says a flight attendant yelled at her and told her she'd been put on a no-fly list for putting her baby daughter's dirty diaper in a garbage bin

  • A woman told NBC News that a flight attendant shouted at her for disposing of a dirty diaper.
  • She said the attendant called it a “biohazard” and asked her to retrieve it from the garbage.
  • She said the attendant later said she was on a no-fly list. She described the incident as racist.
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A woman who disposed of a dirty diaper in a garbage bin on a Mesa Airlines flight said an attendant told her she had been placed on a no-fly list.

Farah Naz Khan, a doctor from Seattle, told NBC News that she might sue the airline over the incident.

Khan told NBC News that she flew from Kalispell, Montana, to Houston, Texas, with her husband and their daughter on Friday.

About halfway through the flight, she changed her daughter’s diaper at a diaper-changing station at the back of the plane, she said. She placed the soiled diaper in a bag and then in a garbage bin, she said.

She said a flight attendant saw her return to her seat carrying her diaper-wipes container and asked her whether she had just disposed of a diaper. The attendant said this was a “biohazard,” Khan said.

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Khan said the flight attendant yelled at her. She asked him whether he wanted her to fish out the used diaper, and he said yes, she told NBC News.

She said she then asked another flight attendant for a garbage bag to put the diaper in. The second attendant told her she hadn’t done anything wrong in the first place, she said.

Khan told NBC News that she filed a customer-service incident report when the plane landed but that a few hours later the flight attendant called her – she said she recognized his voice.

“He said, ‘Due to a biohazard incident on the plane today, we’ve placed you on the no-fly list,'” Khan told NBC News.

“This made me very angry, because I suffered the humiliating experience,” she said. She had fished the diaper out and thrown it away outside after she landed, she said.

She said that the call, which lasted about three minutes, was “just profanities.”

“You people bring your children everywhere. Don’t you know that some people just want a peaceful flight and don’t want to listen to your effing children?” Khan said the flight attendant told her. She posted about the incident on Twitter using the hashtag #racism.

The flight attendant also called her daughter obnoxious, Khan told NBC News.

“The details as described by our customer do not meet the high standards that Mesa sets for our flight attendants and we are reviewing the matter,” a Mesa spokesperson told NBC News.

Khan told NBC News that she didn’t think she’d actually been placed on a no-fly list. She said that as of Monday afternoon no one else from Mesa had contacted her, but she’d gotten two calls from United Airlines, which contracts Mesa for some regional flights.

United wouldn’t tell her the flight attendant’s identity, how he’d gotten her phone number, or whether he’d been disciplined over the incident, she said. United hadn’t apologized, she said.

United Airlines referred Insider to Mesa, which operated the flight, for comment. Insider asked Mesa for comment but did not immediately receive a response.

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