Air hostess arrested after attacking husband over affair

An air hostess has been arrested for allegedly attacking her husband, when finding him in the arms of another woman she flew into a rage.

Nicole Denison, 29, of Tampa Bay Florida returned home to discovered her husband, 34, “engaged in sexual intercourse” with an unnamed woman, according to a Pinellas County arrest affidavit unearthed by The Smoking Gun.

The police record noted that having given him a “black eye”, Denison proceeded to destroy her cheating husband’s possessions. Smashing an acoustic guitar the defendant, knocked down shelving and left a “gaping hole in the wall”.

The damage to the property and injury to the husband was verified by Deputy William Short of the Pinellas County department, who indicated that alcohol could have played a factor in the defendant’s response. However, whether the other woman’s identity was known to Nicole Denison was not disclosed, neither was who had called the police.

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