Airline staff explain that spiders, scorpions and snakes are often on planes

We all know that planes are often full of plenty of baggage in the hold from suitcases to skis and even boxes of goods people want to take home.

And, if you’re a frequent flyer or know someone in the airline industry you might have even spotted a dog or cat being loaded into the belly of a plane for transportation.

But, it turns out there are lots of other things being stored below our feet whenever we get on an aeroplane.

Over on Reddit, a thread opened up in the r/AskReddit section asking airline workers for the disturbing facts about plane travel that we regular passengers might never find out.

And, one person – who worked with animals – explained that it’s not just beloved pets being loaded into the hold…

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They wrote: “Having previously worked in animal care – live animals are common cargo.

“I’m not talking people's cats and dogs, I mean scalies, arachnids, inverts, destined for pet trade – tarantulas, weird beetles, scorpions, cockroaches, all kinds of exotic lizards, snakes, turtles.

"Lots of snakes though, constrictor and venom.

“Their packaging looks inhumane on the ground, but they try to restrict movement as the goal – boa constrictors have escaped.”

So, if anyone’s ever said Snakes on a Plane is unrealistic it seems they’re wrong…

And, a flight attendant backed up the animal care worker.

They wrote: “There is more often than not a lot of horrific things in the cargo. Air travel is the quickest way to transport something from A to B.

“Usually the only people who know are the flight deck (pilots) and the Manager/Senior Crew member.

“Dead bodies, organs, blood are obvious ones but we also carry everything right up to Formula One car parts, exotic animals, marble tables, oversized televisions… everything.”

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