Armchair travel: Ex All Black Sir John Kirwan releases new travel documentary on Japan

When Sir John Kirwan can travel to Japan once more, he’ll be heading straight to the onsen with his mate Junny, having a feed with him and a couple of beers.

“I’m really missing travel and I’m really missing the freedom that Covid’s taken away from me,” says the ex-All Black, who is releasing a new travel documentary JK’s Japan, due out tomorrow on Prime.

“I just absolutely fell in love with the place, and I miss not being able to go there. So going back and showing the rest of New Zealand how some of the other people live up there is really neat.”

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The show was filmed last year when Kirwan was in Japan during the Rugby World Cup. He’d previously spent 10 years there playing rugby and coaching the national side. Up until Covid halted international travel, he’d been regularly returning to the place that he says had a profound impact on his life and his wellbeing.

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