Best attractions to visit in Gibraltar as it vaccinates entire adult population

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Brits are currently waiting to find out what countries have made in onto Government's 'green list' to show where we can visit this summer.

And Gibraltar looks like it could prime candidate to make it on to the list, with few current coronavirus cases and all adults there vaccinated.

Restaurants – both indoors and outdoors – bars and attractions are all currently open, although masks need to be work in enclosed spaces and social distancing is still in place.

And hot temperatures into October and a less than three-hour flight, meant the British Overseas Territory and headland, on Spain's south coast could be the perfect place for a summer getaway.

There are also airline routes to there this year, including Wizz Air from Luton, Eastern Airways from Birmingham and Southampton and BA from London City.

These join existing routes with BA from Heathrow and easyJet from Gatwick and Manchester.

So we decided to bring you some of the top attractions there is to visit there if you decide to take a holiday there this summer.

1. St Michael's Cave

St. Michael's Cave, also known as Old St. Michael's Cave, are a network of limestone caves which are at a height of over 300 metres (980 ft) above sea level.

According to Alonso Hernández del Portillo, the first historian of Gibraltar, its name comes from a similar grotto in Monte Gargano near the Sanctuary of Monte Sant'Angelo in Apulia, Italy, where the archangel Michael is said to have appeared.

It is the most visited of the more than 150 caves found inside the Rock of Gibraltar, with it receiving more than a million visitors there each year.

The cave formations are colourfully lit and those visiting can read displays documenting the caves' history.

You can reach St. Michael's Cave can be reached by car, taxi, cable car or by foot.

Tickets include entrance to two of the other major tourist sites on The Rock: the Moorish Castle and the Great Siege Tunnels.

You can also arrange a guided tour of Lower St. Michael's Cave through the Gibraltar Tourist Board.

The cave is in a totally natural state, although fully lit and kitted out with ropes to aid minor climbing and scrambling. Safety helmets are provided and comfortable non-slip shoes are also recommended to those who visit.

2. Cable Car’s Top Station

You can visit Gibraltar without taking in the spectacular views from the Cable Car’s Top Station, located 412 m above sea level.

What's even better is that it will only take you six minutes to get to the top.

You can find the base station alongside the Alameda Gardens at the southern end of Main Street.

Once you're at the top, you will find three terraces which each offering a different and gorgeous viewpoint over the stunning surroundings.

Meanwhile, you'll see two continents two bodies of water and three countries stretched out beneath you.

There is also a Multimedia Tour if you want to learn about Gibraltar's history, which is included in the price of an adult ticket.

There will also be tailless monkey at the Cable Car Top Station, however, despite looking cute and tame, they are wild animals and must be treated with caution and respect.

Prices for adults are £16, with senior citizens paying £14.50 for a ticket and children paying £7.

3. Paddle board with dolphins

If you fancy doing something adventurous in Gibraltar, in2adventures has a whole range of fun activities from safaris and zip wiring.

However, one of the most enchanting activities it offers is paddle boarding with dolphins.

The activity is for all ages, abilities and for any occasion whether Birthdays, Stag & Hen dos, corporate events or just for you your mates or work colleagues.

The company is located in Sandy Bay in a super-safe environment which enjoy calm, clear waters with breathtaking views.

4. Discover Gibraltar via an eBike

There is no more scenic way to discover Gibraltar than by bike.

And to be even more environmentally friendly, while not use a non-polluting eBike.

These are suitable for everyone who is over 155cm, aged 12+ and capable of riding a bicycle.

As part of the tour you can explore the historical defences on the west coast of Gibraltar to the most southerly tip, Europa Point, and return to the city via the eastern coast road absorbing the Rock’s Mediterranean views and sandy coves.

The tour will take two hours and you can have a group size of upto 10 people, with each person paying £55 for the experience.

5. Moorish Castle

The Moorish Castle is the name given to a medieval fortification in Gibraltar which consists of various buildings, gates, and fortified walls, with the dominant features being the Tower of Homage and the Gate House.

Part of the castle itself also housed the prison of Gibraltar until it was relocated back in 2010.

Although sometimes compared to the nearby alcazars in Spain, the Moorish Castle in Gibraltar was built by the Marinid dynasty, making it unique in the Iberian Peninsula.

Today the Moorish Castle is one of the major tourist attractions of Gibraltar, and it is shown on the back of the 1995 design of the Gibraltar five-pound banknote.

6. Catalan Bay

Catalan Bay is a bay and fishing village in Gibraltar located on the eastern side of The Rock away from Westside.

The beach there is the middle beach between Eastern Beach and Sandy Bay Beach on the eastern side of the Rock lined by the Mediterranean Coast of Gibraltar.

It is the second biggest sandy beach on the Rock.

Unlike the other beaches on this side of the Rock, Catalan Bay has an incredible history dating as far back as the 1600s.

The beach is very popular and extremely picturesque.

If you are into fresh seafood, this is where you will want to dine too.

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