‘Better than the Alps’: The most dangerous winter sport named – and where to try it

LBC: Activist says world to boycott Chinese winter Olympics

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New year resolutions often include exercise and Britons who may have indulged a bit too much over the Christmas holidays could be looking for a new sport to try. With winter well and truly here, a winter sport could be the perfect option.

Winter sports are about to become more popular than ever with the Winter Olympics around the corner.

Held in Beijing next month, the Olympics will bring the best performances from amazing athletes from all over the world.

Inspired Britons may wish to partake in all the snowy fun and take up a new sport in the process.

Most winter sports require snow and Britons wanting to try their hands at a winter sport may want to go on a snow holiday.

Popular destinations include France, Italy, Switzerland and Austria.

There are also plenty of opportunities to enjoy some fresh powder in the UK.

Britons looking at a snowy staycation will want to head to Scotland, where some of the best snow can be found.

Glenshee Ski Centre is the biggest resort in Scotland and a fantastic place to try a new winter sport.

The resort has a ski school for Britons who want to learn safely.

On Tripadvisor, Ellie L said: “Had such a wonderful time here. We went on the ski lift (with our dog too!) and did a short walk at the top.

“The views are absolutely incredible – no photo can do them justice!

“It is definitely worth a visit to the top to just see the view even if you don’t want a walk. A fantastic activity for all ages!”

Ben Girdwood wrote: “Skiing at Glenshee is better than skiing in the Alps!”

And Lisa A said: “On a good day you cannot beat the slopes of Glenshee. There was snow and sunshine, what more could you ask for?”

Picking up a new sport always comes with some risk of injury.

Britons who are curious about the most dangerous winter sport will be surprised at the data.

The most dangerous Winter Olympic sport was alpine skiing according to a research by OneBuy.

It was followed by freestyle skiing, snowboarding, short track speed skate and luge.

Curling was unsurprisingly at the bottom of the list, but it was not the safest sport.

Incredibly, biathlon beat curling in terms of safety.

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