British expats in Spain share mistake they made – ‘very different to the dream’

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Louise and Martin Dell had always dreamed of living abroad as expats. They told about their journey to finding the right property.

Louise told “Like a growing number of people, we had always dreamed of living abroad.

“We were living in London, where I was working in recruitment and Martin was working with tech start-ups.

“It came to a point where we’d just had enough. I remember being on the Tube one day and just thinking I didn’t want to have to wear tights to work every day!

“We moved to Spain shortly after, dreaming of early retirement and a new way of life. Our dream life was to own an almond farm and have goats roaming on our land!”

But it didn’t quite work out that way for the British couple when they first relocated to Spain.

Martin said: “The reality of our first property was very different to the dream! We didn’t do enough research.

“We ended up buying an unusable plot of land near La Herradura. We didn’t understand the process of buying a property in Spain and ended up hiring someone we thought was a lawyer.

“In fact they didn’t have a law qualification, a relatively easy mistake it turns out if you don’t know what you’re doing.”

He added: “We also hadn’t really thought about the realities of life in a new country, we thought we wanted rural life but we realised we would really miss the buzz of being in a town.

“Despite the dreams of early retirement and thinking that we were ready to slow down with work, we missed the UK business culture too.”

After the pair got over their disappointment about their first house in Spain, they decided to set up a service to help other new expats.

Louise said: “We set up to help other people not make the same mistakes as us.

“We realised there was a gap in the market for straightforward advice and expertise about moving to Europe.”

Kyero is now the biggest portal for overseas property buying in Europe, with over 870,000 properties listed.

Louise added: “In the end, we sold the property in La Herradura because it wasn’t the right place for us, and after some careful research, bought a townhouse in Almunecar, which suited us better.

“It was from our spare bedroom in the house that we first set up Kyero, with an initial investment of just £5,000.”

Kyero now employs 35 people in six countries and helps over a million people a month find a dream house in Spain, Portugal, France or Italy.

Martin told “To make your dream of owning a home overseas a practical reality, research thoroughly to make sure you truly understand what life is like and if it will suit you.

“It’s important to follow your dreams, but don’t be blinded by them, and take time to think about what you really want in a home and location.

“Buying overseas can be overwhelming and emotionally taxing. Having the right knowledge, expertise and advice on the journey is really important.”

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