British expats: World’s healthiest city named – ‘surrounded by nature’

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A new study from Lenstore has uncovered the world’s healthiest and happiest city for British expats. Lenstore analysed each city based on obesity levels, happiness rate, cost of a gym membership, sunny hours and more.

The healthiest city in the world for British expats was found to be the capital of Austria, Vienna.

The average life expectancy in Vienna is 80 years old. One German expat told InterNations that they loved Vienna as it was “surrounded by nature”.

Vienna enjoyed an average of 1,884 sunshine hours a year and also scored highly for happiness.

The city has many beautiful parks including the Nationalpark Donau Auen which stretches from Vienna to the Slovakian border.

British expats enjoying Vienna’s traditional food might be surprised by its healthiest city rating.

The Wiener Schnitzel is a breaded and fried veal escalope which dates back to the 18th century.

Although many find the dish delicious, it’s not the healthiest choice. Vienna is also the cake capital of the world.

From sachertorte to apple strudel, Viennese cafes are world renowned for their tasty treats.

However, as long as Vienna’s traditional food is enjoyed in moderation, expats can expect a very healthy lifestyle in the city.

The second healthiest city in the world was the Middle Eastern hotspot of Dubai. Unsurprisingly, the city offered an incredible 3,509 sunny hours per year.

British expats are spoilt for choice when it comes to exercise as the study found there were more than 1,889 outdoor activities in Dubai.

The Hatta region offers a huge range of outdoor activities outside of the sweltering summer season.

British expats could mountain bike or hike one of the area’s rocky mountain passes while Hatta Lake offers beautiful kayaking.

As it can be too hot to exercise outside during summer in the UAE, Dubai has many reasonably priced gyms.

The third healthiest city in the world for British expats was Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark.

Copenhagen scored particularly highly when it came to clean air and the city has relatively low pollution levels.

Expats in Copenhagen will also enjoy a good work/life balance as residents worked an average of 25 hours per week.

Copenhagen has an extensive network of cycle lanes which make it easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In fourth place was the German city of Frankfurt which rated highly on happiness levels and offered reasonably priced gym memberships.

Amsterdam was the fifth healthiest city and has some of the lowest obesity levels in the whole of Europe.

Healthiest cities for British expats (Lenstore)

  1. Vienna
  2. Dubai
  3. Copenhagen
  4. Frankfurt
  5. Amsterdam
  6. Helsinki
  7. Berlin
  8. Stockholm
  9. Fukuoka (Japan)
  10. Geneva

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