Brits warned that passport renewals could still take weeks to process

British holidaymakers hoping to renew their passports before a trip away should be aware of the time it takes to process.

MPs were told on Monday that the longer 10-week turnaround introduced during the Covid-pandemic and corresponding period of furlough would remain.

Before the change, the recommended wait time was just three weeks.

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Many Brits have been affected by the long waiting period – with some not receiving their passports in time to jet off.

More than 400,000 people had to wait longer than 10 weeks last year, reports the Telegraph.

The current advice is to allow at least two months to get your passport if applying in 2023.

Such extended wait times are particularly pressing to those who are coming to the end of their passport’s validity – which is no longer always the expiry date.

Many EU countries now require there to be at least six or three months remaining on your passport on the day you plan to leave your holiday to return home.

You may be turned away at check-in if you have less time remaining on your documents.

Plus, passports are not valid for travel to many countries after the 10-year mark – so the validity period must come before 10 years are up.

Any months on British passports after the 10 year mark are not valid for travel.

So it’s crucial you time your passport application right if you have a trip already booked.

Suella Braverman reportedly told MPs on Monday that the 10-week processing time would remain due to “elevated” and “volatile” demand through the year.

She said: “We expect elevated demand for passports throughout the year – and demand can be volatile – so customers should continue to allow 10 weeks.

“I urge people to apply in good time and not at the last minute.”

It is possible to get your passport sooner – currently puts the average UK passport processing time for an adult renewal at just 12.41 days, while a first adult passport takes on average 15.14 days.

However, it is unwise to rely on these averages if you’ve booked and paid to go abroad already.

There are three alternative option is to try and get an emergency passport if you have very little time left before you fly.

You can either attend an appointment at your nearest passport office.

Such appointments can be tricky to book, but they are available in the following cities: Belfast, Durham, Glasgow, Liverpool, London, Newport and Peterborough.

You can find your nearest passport office here.

Brits can also apply for the Online premium service to renew an adult passport – you’ll get your passport at the appointment which lasts up to 30 minutes.

This option is more expensive at £193.50 compared to a normal passport renewal which costs £82.50 online.

You can also opt to go through the one week Fast Track service which costs £155 for an adult passport.

You can find all the information on applying for a passport urgently on the website.


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