Cabin crew secrets: British Airways flight attendant shares saucy requests from passengers

Cabin crew reveal plane passengers get drunk QUICKER in the air

Flights see cabin crew interact with passengers from the moment they step aboard the aircraft. Staff have to respond to all sorts of enquiries and requests, from asking for an extra blanket or buying a drink. On occasion, these demands can become rather personal, not to mention unwanted.

A British Airways flight attendant, who wished to remain anonymous, spoke exclusively to about what can really happen when travellers get cheeky.

“Passengers do come onto the crew,” she said.

“I’ve known quite a few [people that’s happened to], it happens quite a lot.”

Sometimes fliers don’t hold back with their advances towards crew they find attractive.

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“Some people lift numbers,” the BA cabin crew member said.

“Some just come out and say it, ‘Yeah, I fancy you.'”

Occasionally this can lead to quite a romantic turn of events.

“I know that one of my friends went on a date with one of the passengers,” the flight attendant shared.

“He just asked for her number because they were getting on.”

However, passengers can go too far in their attempts to flirt with airline crew.

In fact, it can be pretty frustrating and distracting to deal with.

The BA staff member explained one flight she dreads is the Ibiza/Manchester route.

“Honestly whenever you’re getting those flights you dread it because the Manchester ones are just the worst,” she said.

“They’re always drunk and always causing havoc.”

Inebriation can lead to some very unwanted advances.

“I had one guy who was off his face and constantly chatting me up,” said the cabin crew.

“It actually got to the stage when I had to tell him to stop because he was doing it front of all the passengers and I just felt so embarrassed.

“He kept on shouting after me and I had to say, ‘Look, I’ve actually got a job to do.’

“And he said ‘Aw, I just want you to be my girlfriend’.”

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