Camping: ‘Equipment doesn’t have to be expensive’ – tips to avoid a ‘horrible experience’

Would YOU spend a night CAMPING on a CLIFF?

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Camping and wild camping are increasingly popular. Britons in need of a holiday have been heading to the outdoors and making the most of their camping trips.

Scotland-based wild camper Dave Riley believes camping and wild camping have benefitted from travel restrictions.

He said: “I think it’s people with travel restrictions in place, taking opportunities to get out in the countryside.”

With more and more people heading to the countryside for their outdoorsy holiday, wild camping may be an attractive option for Britons in need of a bit of peace and quiet.

Dave explained wild camping could mean many things to many people.

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“There’s always a debate about what wild camping is.

“Is wild camping just going somewhere where there isn’t an official campsite?

“I know people who like going wild camping but within walking distance of the car.

“And then some people say you’re not wild camping unless you’ve hiked to a place and carried the equipment that you intend to use.”

Regardless of whether campers have hiked up to the most remote of places or simply decided to stop in a field within sight of a road for the night, one thing every camper needs is good equipment.

Dave said: “You don’t have to buy the most expensive equipment, but the equipment has to be right for the situation.”

When it comes to wild camping in remote areas, equipment becomes even more important.

“Because it’s more of a challenge you have to be more prepared with the equipment you take, the clothing you take.

“The more challenging it is I think the more people enjoy it.”

Dave had a few handy tips when it came to picking camping equipment.

“The right equipment doesn’t have to be expensive. You can spend a fortune on camping equipment.

“Facebook has a lot of great groups for finding out information and looking at what other people are using.”

Social media is a great resource for camping and wild camping.

“And I think one of the best places to look is YouTube. A lot of people out there are doing YouTube reviews, advice on different types and forms of camping. Just do a bit of research.”

Whatever Britons do, Dave recommends one thing they really need to be careful with is clothing.

“The clothing has to be right, if you go somewhere wet and cold, you need to make sure your equipment is waterproof enough, you need to make sure that your clothing is correct.

“The last you want to do when wild camping is to have a horrible experience.

“If you go out and get wet and cold and it’s windy, you’re never going to want to do it again.”

With the right equipment, there are no reasons for would-be campers and wild campers to not fall in love with sleeping in the outdoors.

And for anyone interested in wild camping, Dave can be contacted on Instagram.

“It’s a great community where everyone gets involved and helps people out.”

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