Caravan holidays: Winter is ‘a great time to hit the road’ say experts – top tips

Shane Richie reveals his 'essentials' for caravan holidays

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A road trip may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a winter holiday, but the option offers many advantages. Road trip experts from Indie Campers shared their top tips for a successful caravan holiday this season.

A caravan winter holiday doesn’t mean forgoing some of the joys of the season, with Francisco Pereira recommending a movie night.

He said: “After a long day out exploring nature, nothing is better than curling up with your significant other to watch a film. A campervan provides the cosy feel of home with the added charm of snug quarters.”

Investing in a portable projector may be a good idea when holidaying at this time of year, when evenings in are de rigueur.

And holidaymakers shouldn’t forget their hot chocolate, popcorn and fairy lights to make a van holiday even more magical.

One of the main reasons for being hesitant to head out on the road in winter is the weather.

Britons considering a road trip in winter may wonder how to stay warm.

Ricardo Grijó said: “Staying warm overnight in a campervan in winter is surprisingly simple.

“A four-season sleeping bag is the ideal space-saver. Many versions can be unzipped to form blankets, too.”

Experts also recommended looking at electric heaters and of course, packing the right clothing.

Easily removable layers were best, they said, with woollen base layers, down trousers and wool sweaters described as “perfect”.

Britons should not forget their sunglasses either, as the low winter sun can be surprisingly bright.

Once holidaymakers are packed, they should look for a campsite with an electric hook-up.

Ricardo said: “It’s a good idea to cover windows from the inside after dark to keep the heat in, as glass is not a good insulator.

“Close any curtains or blinds, or use a foil windscreen shield usually saved for the summer months to help reflect the cold and keep the warmth in.”

A winter road trip or caravan holiday have many advantages.

Francisco explained: “While winter is traditionally a time to hunker down indoors to wait out the shorter days and colder weather, or head for far flung sunshine, it’s actually a great time to hit the road across the UK and Europe.

“It’s a chance to see nature at its finest, from the changing of leaves to the Northern Lights and it’s also less crowded.”

And for Britons who don’t own their own vehicles, rental is also cheaper during the low season.

While a road trip is a fantastic option during the winter months, it also requires some slightly different equipment to a winter trip.

An ice scrapper – a credit card will also do the trick – will probably be needed, and in some regions, holidaymakers will need winter tyres.

Road trippers will also need snow chains between November and April if driving through mountain ranges.

Britons will also need an emergency kit which includes jump-start cables, tyre repair kit, spare tyre, multi-tool or Swiss Army knife, bungee cords, a whistle, flares and a first aid kit.

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