CBD Clothing Is Real — and These Items Help Combat Stress, Anxiety, and Pain

There’s no denying it: CBD popularity is on the rise. The all-natural, plant-based substance, otherwise known as cannabidiol, is known to ease anxiety, stress, headaches, and pains throughout the body — and these days, it can be found in everything from gummy candy to essential oils to vape pens. So it should come as no surprise that clothing infused with CBD has recently hit the market.

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“What’s the point?” you may be wondering. Well, according to the manufacturers that use CBD in their threads, clothing infused with the stuff can help with joint and muscle pain, relaxation, and sleep habits. So whether you’ve already hopped on the CBD train or you’re new to the trend, here are six CBD-infused clothing items you’ll want to try (and don’t worry — they’re completely odorless).

HUE CBD-infused Stirrup Leggings

These may look like your typical workout leggings, but the super-soft fabric is discreetly infused with CBD oil. They also feature trendy stirrups around the feet, which add comfort and help with micro encapsulation absorption. If you’re not into the gray, you can also grab them in black.


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To buy: amazon.com, from $64

HUE CBD-infused Pajama Set

Who wouldn’t want to add some extra tranquility to their nighttime routine? This long-sleeved, CBD-infused pajama set is designed to calm you at bedtime and promote a restful night of sleep. Not a fan of the hemp leaf waistband design? There’s a gray version of the set made without it.

To buy: amazon.com, from $140

HUE CBD-infused Crew Sock

According to Amazon, these comfy, ribbed crew socks are designed to help you relax. Made from a soft and stretchy fabric blend and infused, of course, with CBD oil, HUE’s socks make for one relaxing evening out or at home. You may just want to grab a pair in all four colors.

To buy: amazon.com, $15

HUE CBD-infused No-show Socks

These CBD-infused no-show socks from HUE are perfect for particularly active days. Wear them with sneakers for a comfy fit, and don’t be surprised if you feel especially zen or if persistent foot pain is relieved while you’ve got these on.

To buy: nordstrom.com, $36 for 3 pairs

CopperFit CBD Compression Gloves

While these compression gloves aren’t the kind of clothing you’d wear every day, they definitely come in handy when your muscles feel a little stiff. CopperFit promises these CBD compression gloves reduce pain, improve circulation and oxygenation to your hands, and support muscle stiffness. Similarly, the brand also makes a CBD knee sleeve.

To buy: dickssportinggoods.com, $20

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