City of Kyle is planning the world’s biggest gathering of people called Kyle

An unusually named city called Kyle is attempting to break a world record next month.

The Texas city is hoping to break the Guinness World Record for the largest same-name gathering by attracting thousands of people named Kyle.

Kyle – the city – is looking for as many people also named Kyle to come and visit, to take part in the world record busting meet up.

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It will be the city’s fourth attempt to snag the world record after previous attempts have failed.

Despite attracting Kyles from as far away as Massachusetts to join the meeting of the Kyles, the city has not managed to beat the current record holder.

Right now, the win is held by the town of Kupreški Kosci in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which gathered 2,325 Ivans in 2017.

Now, Kyle will once again attempt to round up as many people named Kyle as possible in order to steal the title.

The world record attempt will happen on May 21 at 4pm local time as part of the Kyle Fair A Tex-Travaganza at Lake Kyle Park.

Any Kyles who head to the event will win a free Kyle Fair t-shirt – and bragging rights of course.

After all, participants will get to boast that they got the t-shirt while breaking a world record!

Admission to the Kyle Fair is totally free – and there will be plenty more on offer than just the chance to make history.

There will be live music, fair rides, margaritas and delicious food vendors.

Plus there are crafts and a mouthwatering rib-making contest in true small town American style.

"In order to break this record, we’re calling for any and all Kyle’s. We need tall Kyle’s, short Kyle’s, young Kyle’s and old Kyle’s to get close to the record set five years ago," City of Kyle Special Events Manager Claudia Rocha said in a news release.

"We’re very excited about the upcoming, inaugural Kyle Fair and have high hopes that this event will bring out the Kyles needed to grab a spot in the record books."


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