Common ‘square waves’ phenomenon ’cause large percentage of ship accidents’

If you love the waters, there's something you must keep your eye on.

The "cross seas" occurs when two separate weather conditions collide while moving in different directions.

As this "square seas" phenomenon is quite common, if you're in a situation where you can't get out of sea, it can be very dangerous.

According to a 2006 study, a large percentage of ship accidents happen as a result of the weather changes.

And just recently, the topic became a subject of discussion over on Reddit when one user had a grasp on the situation.

The user said: "A cross sea looks beautiful from afar but is actually very dangerous.

"The pattern occurs when two wave systems cross while traveling at slanting angles to each other."

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They added: "The waves from the older weather system continue on until they dissipate.

"And the ocean becomes a swirling, dangerous place for swimmers and boats."

Another Reddit user added: "These are long-period swells caused by weather systems actually far apart from each other.

"The swells generated by those systems were at this angle to each other.

"They then travel sometimes long distances and can eventually collide like this."

Others described the "square sea" as quite dangerous, despite how beautiful it might look from a distance.

A cross sea is a state of wind-generated ocean waves that form non-parallel wave systems.

It has a large amount of spreading and may occur when water waves from one weather system continue despite a shift in wind.

They are dangerous as they could cause powerful riptides that prove difficult to get out for people and even ships.

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