Does your RV look like a ‘hunk of junk?’ Submit a photo and earn free nights in hotels

Did you travel with an RV this summer during the coronavirus pandemic? Does that RV now look like a “hunk of junk” and haunt you daily in your driveway? is here to help: The site is dishing out cash to spend on nights in hotels in exchange for pictures of your dusted-up RV. 

The site is appraising photos of the RVs and customers can receive up to $5,000 worth of nights in hotels via a gift card to the site. The method to the madness? “The crappier your set of wheels, the more hotel nights you deserve,” according to a news release. 

Those interested can submit a photo or video (20 seconds or shorter) of your RV by emailing [email protected], with further details on the website, including file size requirements. You have until 5 p.m. CST on Aug. 18.

“As travel trends continue to evolve, we want to make sure people don’t have to give up living their best hotel life no matter how they opt to travel,” Josh Belkin, vice president of the brand, said in a statement. “We’re helping to reward the travelers who might be experiencing a case of buyer’s remorse from their summer RV trips, with the experience of a night or two in a luxury hotel, for whenever they’re ready to travel again.”

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