Emmerdale diehards can visit the original iconic Woolpack pub – and here’s how

There are countless fictional pubs we'd love to visit.

From sipping butterbeer in the Three Broomsticks in Harry Potter to experiencing the wacky hijinks in Moe's Tavern from The Simpsons, we'd all love to step into one, sit back, and enjoy the familiar experience.

But it turns out that there is one iconic pub you can visit.

In the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, you can step through the doors of The Woolpack – the iconic boozer from ITV's Emmerdale.

It's known to millions as the watering hole popular with Dingles, the Tates and the Bartons. However not many know that it is really a pub set in the small West Yorkshire village of Esholt.

The country boozer even used to feature in the popular soap before being moved to a purpose-built set on the Harewood Estate.

2Chill's Danielle Elton is a huge fan of the show, and drove from Essex to Leeds for an Emmerdale inspired staycation – including a tour of the set and then on to Esholt.

She said: “The village itself is just over half an hour away from where we were staying in Leeds, and it’s absolutely beautiful.

“We were not the only ones who thought so, there were quite a few tourists having a walk around. Although not quite as many as there usually would be according to the lady in the shop, pre-pandemic saw coach-loads of visitors turn up.

“It’s well worth stopping in for a chat, she was super friendly and very knowledgeable on all things Emmerdale.”

The Woolpack is sometimes visited by previous cast members of the show, swinging in for a pint at the ‘local’.

Danielle added: “So there we were, standing right outside The Woolpack, the iconic pub that was used for more than 20 years on the ITV soap. It looks exactly like the one on the ITV show, at least it does on the outside.

“Inside, the pub is worlds away from the one seen on Emmerdale, although there’s a photo of Richard Thorp, also known as former landlord Alan Turner, behind the bar.

“But although unlike the one on the show, that didn’t stop us going in for a drink. Just to say we’d had a drink at The Woolpack if nothing else.

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“I might usually be tempted by a gin but this time it was just a coke, I had a long drive back to Essex in front of me. But not before a little walk around the village.

“Although I have to admit, I think filming in Esholt might have been a bit before my time as I wasn't that familiar with the main street, only really the pub.

“But if you’re a big fan of the show and you’re eager to experience some Emmerdale nostalgia before tours open back up, Esholt is a must-visit.”

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