Ex flight attendant says they don’t get paid until the plane door is shut

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A former flight attendant has surprised travel fans by revealing she never got paid while greeting and saying goodbye to passengers.

Kat Kamalani, who worked as an air hostess for seven years, explains in a TikTok video that cabin crew are normally only paid for "in-flight hours" when the plane is actually ready to fly.

Posting on her channel, she says: "Starting off, when those boarding doors are open we're not getting paid.

"So when you're getting on the plane and getting off the plane we're not getting paid for that

"What we get paid for is in-flight hours – this is when the boarding doors close – as our base pay."

Kat appeals to her followers to be "really nice to those flight attendants" because they are working for nothing.

She then says flight attendants do get paid to stay at a hotel when they are on a long trip.

"It's about $1.50 to $2.50 (£1.15 to £1.90) an hour depending on where you are in your destination and you get that when you are eating, sleeping, whatever," Kat explains.

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The ex flight attendant says she was also able to take extended leave during pregnancy and until the baby was one year old.

Her video was watched more than 50,000 times and people were shocked by the pay revelation, with some thinking it was too harsh.

One viewer said: "How is that even legal! Here if you're at work and expected to work you are paid."

Another person asked: "Is that the reason the flight attendants are in such a hurry to get us seated (so they can shut the door and get paid)?

"Then we often wait another 30 minutes."

Someone else commented; "I still can't get over this. How the f*** is this allowed?"

Kat has previously revealed how putting your seat up when you are told is a "life and death" situation on a plane.

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