Ex-flight attendant shares her top 3 ‘game-changing’ packing tips for travellers

A former flight attendant shared her "tried and tested" packing tips to help travellers really make the most of their space.

Kat Kamalani, who worked for Delta Airlines as a cabin crew member for six years, has amassed 950,000 followers on TikTok since she started revealing all the dos and don'ts when travelling, including why you shouldn't ask for hot water.

"Seriously these are a game changer!" she said as she dived into her top three packing tips.

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Kat said she does it "every single time" when she travels with her family.

"First thing is I get an insulated bag – this one is cool because it has all the pockets for your normal day activities, but also an insulated part where you can pack food," the mum-of-two explains.

She continues: "Second I save old containers and then I chop up fruits and vegetables and put them in.

"I always pick up some frozen burritos, they act like ice packs and then when you get to your destination, you can just pop them in the freezer and they're your lunch or dinner.

"Lastly, my water bottle or insulated cup. I make little protein balls and I will put them inside, keep some cold and you can eat them.

"Once you're done, you can fill it up with water."

Viewers were stunned when they realised they could take frozen food on flights.

"The frozen burrito idea! So good!" one mentioned and a second said: "This is genius!"

For UK travellers, Gatwick Airport advised: "You can carry cakes, fruit, vegetables, sandwiches and all solid foods in your hand luggage.

"However, foods in sauces or with a high liquid content (such as sauces, pastes, soups and stews) cannot come through security."


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