Flight attendant jokes pesky passenger behaviour should get you banned

A former flight attendant has aired her views on a common passenger behaviour many people admit is a "pet peeve" they have.

In a clip she posted on TikTok, Kat Kamalani reacts to a video of somebody trying to leave a passenger plane in a rush by jumping ahead of people waiting to get off further up the aisle.

The on-screen caption reads: "People who try to get off an airplane before others seated ahead of them should be put on the 'no fly' list immediately."

Kat weighs in and says: "Yeah I approve this message."

The video was watched more than 22,000 times on TikTok and many of Kat's followers shared the same sentiment.

One viewer said: "I always wait for everyone to get off the plane before I get off it's just easier that way."

A second commented: "Seriously! This is common courtesy and people don't get it."

"Seriously that is my pet peeve I'll stand in the aisle and refuse to move to anyone behind me," said someone else.

But a fourth user argued: "What if we don't have a carry-on?"

Another viewer said: "The ONLY time this is ever acceptable is if that person has a close connection to catch and then they should be let off first."

This comes after a flight attendant revealed things people should never do on a plane unless they want to seriously annoy the cabin crew.

Among the complaints were people all trying to use the toilet at the same time so the service trolly couldn't get down the aisle and passengers wearing their headphones while flight attendants were trying to speak to them.

Kat has previously explained what you need to do if you are running late for a flight – and if you don't do it your seat could be given to someone else.

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