Flight attendant names things you shouldn’t do on plane including arm rest rule

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A flight attendant has spilled the beans on the unwritten rules of flying, such as who gets the armrest, the window blind argument, and if it's ever ok to tilt your seat back.

In a TikTok video, cabin crew member Kat Kamalani explains the controversial "mistakes" that can lead to arguments breaking out between passengers.

Obviously, a plane is quite a cramped space and journeys can be long so it is quite common for tempers to flare.

According to Kat, it is common courtesy when flying that the person in the middle seat gets to use both arm rests and the people either side can only use one.

She also believes that the person next to the window blind has the final say whether it is open or closed, even if other passengers aren't happy.

It's also completely fine, according to Kat, to tilt your seat right back into the space of the person sitting behind you.

In the video, she says: "If you are sitting in the middle, you get both armrests.

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"Don't be that person who sits in the window and gets the window plus this outer armrest and then takes the middle armrest!"

Pointing at the aisle seat, she adds: "And don't be this guy either who gets to go in and out all he wants and he takes this armrest.

"Middle gets middle armrests."

She adds: "This really sucks on red eyes, or early mornings, but if you sit at the window then you get to control the window panel.

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"Unfortunately, if not you don't get to say. You can ask nicely but if they don't want to, they don't have to."

Kat continues: "Another unpopular opinion: if it's not takeoff or landing you get to put your chair back.

"You paid for that seat, airlines design it so you can lay your chair back, put your chair back so you're more comfortable."

This comes after Kat told people there was a drink they should "never" consume on a plane because its source was "disgusting".

She also revealed why flight crew will sometimes stare at you very hard when you board the plane and again when they walk past you in the aisle.

Kat Kamalani also posts on Instagram and has a YouTube channel.

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