Flight attendant rips into her own airline on loudspeaker in front of passengers

When you first board a flight you expect to listen to one of the flight attendants make an announcement to the passengers onboard about the various safety procedures.

But what you may not expect is for one of them to jump on the load speaker and slate their employers to everyone on board.

However, one flight attendant on a Spirit Airlines flight from Texas to California did just that – with a video of her speech later going viral on social media.

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In the footage, which was posted by @cali.style.trucking, the woman decided to make it clear to travellers about everything the company did not offer on their flight.

She said: "Just a heads up, hi. No, we do not have sockets for you to plug up your phone. Because if we did, this is Spirit and we will charge you.

"No, we do not have blankets for you; if we did, again, this is Spirit and we will charge you."

As other staff members walked down the aisles checking people's belongings were properly stored, she added that the seats also didn't recline because they would charge for that too.

She then added that they had no earplugs as she claimed "if we had it we would charge you and give you something to complain about".

Later, she was heard saying the only free item offered on the plane was 'ice' and that for any extras the airline could only take card.

She then joked that she could "only accept your cash to pay my bills, I promise you if you want to do that I will not stop you" – which warranted a few laughs from the crowd.

TikTok viewers have since been left divided over the clip as some people have demanded she gets a promotion, while others say she needs to be sacked.

One user said: "She needs a promotion immediately."

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Another argued: "She's definitely getting fired."

A third wrote: "I love the humour."

"Lmao she tired of Spirit too," a fourth commented.

The Daily Star has contacted Spirit Airlines for a comment.


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